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Greetings! Hello I'm Tia, yes, exactly like the Spanish meaning of of the word Aunt ! Sagittarius, Enneagram Two, and Lifestyle Photographer. If you made it this far, I'm already grateful.  Natural born Georgia Peach, with a little midwestern roots intertwined.  If I'm not traveling with my amazing husband and children, I'm thinking and planning about traveling. You can likely find me perusing the aisles of Target, or binge watching crime documentaries while eating way too many peanut M&M's. I've been an avid photographer for as long as I could hold a disposable camera; remember a time when we had to use those? Memories resonate with me wherever I go, and follow me now throughout motherhood. Growing up in a traditional African American household, older generations didn't always have means to capture memories, their memories were captured by stories. Stories carried from one generation to the next and next. There were never photos to pass around, when listening to family stories; only imagination. Imagination of what my Great Grandfather Lucian Tolbert hair looked like, what eye colored he had, or if I resembled him in any way. Did you know till this day I have never seen one picture of my Great Grandfather Lucian? Did I mention I'm obsessed with genealogy as well ? Photography is more than art;  Its a scent, the way the air feels at 6pm on a July summer night, its everything around us and nothing at the same time.  Reliving time, is searching through your old photos to find the kindergarten class picture that was taken 20 years ago, just to tell the stories. This is what makes our stories intentional.  If those types of memories spark joy within you, lets chat! 

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